Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confessions of The Film Director Part 1


Who are you? I ask the man. He shuffles his newspaper and looks with concentration at the story. I tell him that I am not a murderer but this somehow does not appease him.

Who are you? I ask again. No reply. Well, two can play at that game and I look out the window. Hopeless little train stations pop up every now and then. Little town train stations where the trains stop once every three hours. I can laugh at them because I am a city man and they probably laugh at me back for being a city prick.

I get up and sit next to a young blonde girl with a briefcase. Maybe a new graduate going for her first interview. Maybe a porn star and her case is full of butt plugs and lube…Her face shows a little disgust as I sit down. Why this instant dislike?

Do I know you? I ask.

No, she says in a very short and direct way.

Did we have sex before? I ask her. Her face shows a real disgust. Maybe we did then.

I sit back down at my original location.

Who are you? I ask him again. No reply. I call him an asshole and open my pre packed sandwich.

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