Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confessions of The Film Director Part 4


It is quiet here in this estate. No cars come by at all. I see people peering out the windows looking at me. Looking at, what they think, a strange man. I lean against the wall and light a cigarette. I have not come here for trouble but if trouble comes then I am ready.

I guess I would be worried too. A quiet location like this, murders have been carried out in these kinds of places. Bodies found missing heads and arms later discovered in bins.

Where is he? Is he afraid of me?

Brian finally comes out. He is wearing an awful tracksuit like some chav. He looks angry.

What the fuck are you doing here? He says with a snarl.

I can go where I like, I say and, for nerves, light another cigarette. But I have smoked too many this morning and I am feeling sick from them.

Stay away from us. Anna doesn’t need this drama in her life. Just fuck off, he snaps.

You look like a poor chav, I say unable to think of anything else.

He goes back into the house. It’s an ugly house. A house chosen by a guy who wears a tracksuit. I can imagine the d├ęcor of Americana tat and leather couches.

I’ll stay here and wait for him to come out again. I have thought of a better response now. I don’t have to wait long as he comes out with a 9 iron. I get up and move quick away. He runs after me like something from a movie scene and I feel the first blow of metal as it hits my skull.

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