Saturday, May 16, 2009

Confessions of The Film Director Part 6


The woman is all fat and bad skin. The light shining on her naked flesh. She gyrates herself badly to the music. Judah looks on and laughs.

You like? He asks.

Yeah, why not, I respond. He lights his cigarette and the woman squats and opens her legs to us. She starts pissing and laughing.

You’d have loved Thailand, he said. I saw it all there. I was fucking a boy only twelve years old who had an 11 inch cock! Wild nights man, wild. He laughs again as he remembers. Asshole like a mouse’s ear, he recounts before another belly laugh.

About the film, I say, do you think your client will back it?

He pretends not to hear and keeps looking at the woman. Come here, he says to her. She walks over with a slight limp. She spits in his face. The spit dangles on his nose. His face elated. He slaps her hard and they both laugh.

Maggie is such a cunt, he says, I had to marry her, just had to. She sits on his lap and spreads her legs. He fondles her pussy and she moans a little. All show and tell. Her pussy looks strange. Like it'd been bastardised in post production.

About the film, I say trying to get back to business.

Your last film didn’t go so well, he says. Disaster in fact, right? Difficult to back you old man.

I call him a prick and down my drink in anger. The woman gets off his lap and sits in her piss on the floor.

You want to fuck her? He asks.

Sure, I say and walk over to her. The light shows up the scars on her face and she looks slightly balding under the harsh light.

Great! He says with some excitement. We’ll all make it together, he continues. The woman works at my zipper and giggles.

I hear Judah behind me.

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