Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Designer Violence

Even the name excites me... Just the image of the editor of Computer Arts being smashed in the head makes me smile.... But Designer Violence is a new zine and art group. As their site says; Designer violence is a new submission based group currently seeking work from creative people for our first project: the deisgner violence magazine.The magazine will be a fore-runner to a range of exhibitions, events and design driven projects, and will be an outlet for anyone with work they wish to showcase. We are looking for design work, art, photography, whatever. If it’s good, ambitious and doesn’t belong anywhere else, we’ll take it.Designer violence is not for profit and aims to simultaneously promote interaction and collaboration within the community of creative people in Cardiff whilst forging international connections through online communities of artists via the internet.

Liking their work and their zine. Go check out the site and get a copy of issue 1. Go see it at and the site at

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