Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tubelord-Design the Single Cover..

Jo emailed me from the group Tubelord and wants your help. Here is the mail request;

We will be releasing a single in September. Last year we hand-drew all 500 of the 7" sleeves, ensuring that each one was completely unique and special.
(see 'azerrad art' in the header for this link-www.asktubelord.com for more

SO...this time around, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to ask some of the most inspiring illustrators and collectives on these shores (and off) to be involved. The blank 7" sleeves (however many you'd feel you'd like to contribute towards) would be sent to your humble abode, and once complete, we'll pay for the postage to return them to us!
Subsequently we will photograph every single 7" and all illustrators/collectives involved will be given a detailed section on our website about their involvement in the project and how people can go about contacting them if they're interested in further pursuing their work.'

So if you want to get involved get in touch s0606068@glos.ac.uk

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