Saturday, September 4, 2010


The very great James Unsworth sent me details of his new show entitled 'Ninja Sex Museum' running from the 10th September to the 10th October.

James always produces some twisted great stuff so you should check it out.

Here's the info:

James Unsworth



Opening: 9 September 6 - 9

10 September - 10 October

Five Hundred Dollars

21 Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG

For his first solo exhibition on Vyner Street James Unsworth will present the world’s first and only Ninja Turtle Sex Museum featuring over 80 never before seen artworks covering the mediums of drawing, print, painting, photography and film.

Dear My Friends,

Are you already bored with the exhibitions about girls in school uniforms? WTF? Pop Art? Armageddon? No, no, that's all way too old fashioned.

But the waiting is over as we present an incredibly peculiar style of exhibition. And look, if you're bored with seeing recent mass produced erotica and those boring exhibitions, we are offering a new challenge, something awesome!

Our new exhibition is about Ninja Turtles with big cocks, sex and death and it's all free! It will be absolutely the best exhibition you have ever seen. No mistake. It's a violent, exhibition full of taboos. It's up to you to see it or not. Are you ready?

You'll be convulsed with laughter at this previously unthinkable exhibition brought to you by Unsworth. It's based on the notorious book 'Game Boys' which was banned from most stores. They said it would be impossible to put that story in an exhibition but he did! And, as a special treat, the new exhibition has a gift shop. Yes, exactly as you imagine, mugs and t-shirts, stickers and maybe pens all depicting the sexual Ninja Turtles! Meanwhile, the drawings will show the scantily dressed turtles having sex with corpses! There's even some photographs of real nude people wearing ninja turtle masks!

Showing at the exhibition will be NINJA TURTLE SEX MUSEUM: THE MOVIE

Deadly Ecstasy!!!

The Ninja Turtles just got back from Bangladesh and are waiting for the pizza to arrive, one of them finds the deadly ecstasy next to their stinking mattress in their sewer lair. You thought drugs were fun, right? But who could have imagined the horror and panic that find would bring? When they decide to take them with their beer and pizza, it all begins well, they dance. But soon they turn to fighting each other, the fighting turns quickly to lustful and murderous activity…

Previously they had all wanked on the pizza too.

It's Hell in the real world!

And how does the Boglin and chain mail glove fit in?

We're not even sure if this exhibition is legal so it is definitely not suitable for young Tarquin and Veronica. Over 18's only please.

On display will be an array of artworks touching on the themes of obsession, commerce, adolescence, horror, fetish, idolatry, innocence, exploitation, pornography and erotica. The museum gift shop will also stock a selection of mugs, t-shirts, stickers and publications.


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