Friday, November 26, 2010


Spectrum Divisor is a new split zine between Stephane Prigent (Kerozen) and The Horror.With a mix of the surreal, the dark and the ugly, Spectrum Divisor is a monochrome world of distortion.

Huge thanks must go to Wolfgang Ofner at Hirntrust Media for the help and support.

Anyway, the zine is:

40 pages


200gm matt cover

100gm matt insides

staple bound

If you want to pre-order please email:


  1. looks utter shit as everything you put out does.

    fuck off and die.

  2. What is your problem?

    If you don't like Good vs Evil why do you keep coming here to talk shit?

    You want some kind of slagging off thing like youtube or something?

    Yeah,l let's do that.

    'Yuz a thick cnut who fucks dogs. I fingad your mother... I fishted your dog..'

    Etc. Wow, that was fun. Hiding behind anonymity, you must be a real tough brave guy.

  3. Pusillanimous and cowardly are the people who hide behind anonymity...

  4. Fuck you both! You pair of stupid cunts. I only gave my honest opinion about the utter fucking shit you put out. I keep coming back as I can't believe the stuff you produce. It makes me laugh at just how pathetic you are!

    I know good art. I make it and this art is shit. Rubbish. Beyond shit. Laughable. Anyone with good sense wouldn't even wipe their ass with it.

    Both of you can go fuck yourselves.

  5. and I know great art becuase I publish No Brow magazine

  6. Message from Alex at NoBrow:

    'Anon, no you don't. NoBrow would never say such things. We don't really understand your motivations for being so aggressive towards Good Vs Evil zine and we most certainly don't agree with your opinions. We are also rather shocked you thought you should impersonate us and make us out to be ignorant, venomous people.
    GoodVSEvil, we are very sorry you were ever given the impression that we would behave this way. We recommend that you remove your comments if people abuse them to this degree. Great zine btw.'


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