Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm kind of bored with the whole buy and buyer relationship with Good vs Evil. Some people I know who buy and some are completely unknown.

To break this, and so I can know more and see more art from people who buy our stuff, I am running this new project thing here.

With every order of Good sv Evil stuff I will include one of the new postcards seen above. I want the buyers who get them to draw something on them and photo/scan it and email them to me. I will make a new gallery of postcard art on the website and blog where every artist will be named and linked.

This will happen till I run out of cards.

This might be another blank response, but let's see.

If you see no cards on the site etc you can assume it failed haha.


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  1. Recent buyers email me if you want to be involved and I will send out a new card...


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