Sunday, April 10, 2011


I was stoked to be asked to do some work for this great zine publishing group from Seoul, South Korea. They put out some great stuff and this new book is my favourite yet. Loads of great artwork from Korean artists and also international artists (a lot of Good vs Evil friends in here too)Big love going to YP and all the SSE people. I was also sebd 5 other of their zines which I will review this week.

Anyway, it's A5
perfect bound
41 artists
full colour

Alexander Binder (Germany)
Arnaud Loumeau (France)
Baik Intae (South Korea)
Boo Changjo (South Korea)
Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgium)
Cathy Choi (South Korea)
Dieter Van der Ougstraete (Belgium)
Duy Thang Nguyen (Canada)
Haris Panousopoulos (Greece)
Heiko Müller (Germany)
Heo Ji Young (South Korea)
Hong Su Jung (South Korea)
Jae Won Yun (South Korea)
James Unsworth (UK)
Jaycy (South Korea)
Jo Song (South Korea)
Joakim Ojanen (Sweden)
Joe Becker (Canada)
Ju A Young (South Korea)
Kim Yong Oh (South Korea)
Kyung Joo (South Korea)
Lee Yoon-hee (South Korea)
Nam Jiyeon (South Korea)
Noh Jun-Gu (South Korea)
Novo (South Korea)
Park Hyerim (South Korea)
Park Miri (South Korea)
Peggy Kouroumalos (Canada)
RANO? (Marcelo Aliste) (Chile)
Rory Dean (Canada)
Ryu Eunji (South Korea)
Shim Ka In (South Korea)
Shobo Shobo (France)
Sung Mo Kang (South Korea)
The Horror (UK)
VS (South Korea)
Yina Kim (USA)
Yoo Chang Chang (South Korea)
YP (South Korea)
Yukari Terakado (Japan)
Zeke Clough (UK)

You can get a copy HERE
Might be better to EMAIL though

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